Basement Excavation

If you are looking for a basement excavation contractor to dig your way to success, look no further. Whether on-time service, great rates, or stellar results are your top concern, Morningstar Construction is the company for you.

Basement excavation may be a challenging task, but we manage to make it look easy. Call us at (724) 935-6131 to request our services. We'll provide you with a risk-free estimate.

Taking Basement Digging Seriously

When you rely on the expertise of the contractors on our team, you don't need to worry about your basement project commencing on the wrong foot. We operate in accordance with remodeling and construction codes and practices.

During the earth moving process for basement excavating, we make sure to shore up the site with the necessary braces, ensuring zero cave-ins. We also take proper precautions against flooding due to heavy rain. When you don't have to worry about soil collapses and floods, you can direct your energies to other important matters.

Digging Basements for All Purposes

Our basement dig-out contractors excavate enough earth to ensure you and your family have all the head-room and space needed to make optimal use of the basement area. We have dug out basements for a variety of purposes, some of which include:

  • Second living rooms
  • Home offices
  • Game rooms
  • Basement apartments
  • And more

When you want to make the most of your property, making space for a basement is the best way to add square footage and value to a household. Look to us when you need a basement digging contractor on site. We promise you'll be glad you made the right call.

Residential and Commercial Excavation Solutions

We are the preferred choice of basement digging contractor in our community. Homeowners refer us to their neighbors when they're in need, and the most reputable building contractors look to us when they need a site prepared for basement construction. When you work with us, you will get a chance to see why professionals and everyday people alike rave about our services.

The Preferred Excavation Contractor

When undertaking an important construction project, general contractors only want the most skilled excavators on site. They want to work with people who understand the parameters of a project, can adapt quickly, and can clear the way for further work. They want Morningstar Construction.

Time and time again, we don't just meet the expectations of those we serve-we exceed their expectations. We understand our role in the construction process, and that is why we are the preferred choice for so many.

Book Our Basement Excavators Now

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the foremost basement diggers in the community. The reasons why are obvious. With our above-board practices and competitive rates, clients are able to transform a property for the better-and without breaking the bank.

Introduce some professionalism and care to get your next construction or renovation project. We promise you won't regret it. Call (724) 935-6131 at your convenience to get started.

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Garage Concrete

Are you looking to renovate your garage? Look no further! At Morningstar Construction, we bring garage floors to life. We specialize in turning old and dull garage floors into attractive and durable surfaces that are easy to maintain.

Our concrete floor coating solutions are extremely resilient and resistant to harmful contaminants such as salt, oil, and chemicals. Our high-quality concrete mix will turn your garage floor into a smooth and waterproof surface.

Call us now at (724) 935-6131 to book a consultation or to start planning your new concrete garage floor.

Reputable Garage Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are growing in popularity because of their many advantages. They are simply the most durable floors you can get. No other type of flooring or material is as resistant to wear and tear as are concrete floors. Our floor coverings provide a tough and protective layer that is resilient to all types of chemicals and contaminants.

Choose a Custom Concrete Garage Floor

Concrete floors can be customized to fit within the natural style of your property. Our staff can help you choose from a wide array of styles, colors, textures, and decorative finishes such as flakes, quartz, and much more. Thanks to our specially formulated and long-lasting coatings, your floors will be easy to maintain and clean of all dirt, dust, oil, and grease.

Our concrete products and finishes are very safe to use since they are non-slippery and impervious to water, heat, and fire.

Trusted Company for Concrete Garage Floors

Our flooring solutions and concrete floor coatings are durable, beautiful, and customizable. Our specialists can help you choose from a wide range of color coatings to suit the style of your property. Our company works closely with you from the preparation of the sealing. Our concrete solutions include:

Surface Preparation

Our concrete experts will first assess the quality of your current concrete surfaces. Beginning with repairs to any damaged areas, we will also fix any existing imperfections or cracks. Once we have an even surface with no irregularities, our concreters will thoroughly clean your floors to get them ready for concrete pouring.

Mixing and Pouring

Before pouring the concrete, our specialists will prepare a concrete mix that is both strong and flexible. Our mix can easily be molded into the design you are looking for. If your property is located in a cold region, we will include special agents in the concrete mix to prevent freezing temperatures from damaging the slabs.

Sealing Process

We highly recommend applying high-quality concrete garage floor sealers to extend the life of your floors. Our penetrative garage floor coating will form a protective barrier that will last for many years and enhance the appearance of your floors.

Choose Long-Lasting Garage Concrete Floors in Warrendale, Wexford and Cranberry Township, PA

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Whether you are just thinking about renovating your concrete garage floor or planning to add a new one to your home, our team is here to assist you. Our certified and insured concrete experts use the most advanced techniques and technologies available to deliver superior results.

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